Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday... My family wished me, my friends too.. Pejam celik, pejam celik.. I'm 25 right now. Time leaving very fast. Long time ago, I used to have birthday cakes, gifts, birthday cards or whatever during my childhood as well as teenhood. It seems that they are compulsory things to do for a parent to celebrate their children's birthday.

Then after being a grown up person, I started not to care about those stuffs anymore coz I have many things to accomplish in this life instead of trying to feel like aging..hohoho.. So, take antioxidant pills~ They help to prevent the damage of the cells due to environmental factors despite of trying to be "young"...hehehe... Well, what to do..this is what we call "Cycle of Human Existence". We were born into this world with mission and vision! (^_^)v. Oh.. I have to follow my supervisor to PWTC (Gerak Usahawan Nasional) this coming 6-8th February..aha..


Friday, December 5, 2008

When U Say Nothing At All

Huargghh... I came back to Kuantan last Monday that was on 1 December '08 just because I'm soooo excited to work. Unfortunately, my boss told me that she isn't around until after Hari Raya Aidiladha..huhu.. Again, I'm temporarily jobless.. (T_T).

Mon (1/12/08): Jobless
Tue (2/12/08): Worked
Wed (3/12/08): Jobless
Thu (4/12/08): Jobless
Today (5/12/08): Outing coz I'm jobless..huhu..
Sat (6/12/08): Balik kampung

I think I've been diagnosed as having an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)... because I want to I feel so worried when I can't do things (
"OCD is an anxiety disorder where a person has recurrent and unwanted ideas or impulses (called obsessions) and an urge or compulsion to do something to relieve the discomfort caused by the obsession. In severe cases, it affects a person's ability to function in every day activities."

Hmm...sounds scary ya.. I don't want people depicts me as a real OCD patient... So, it's better to describe me as having OWD - Obsessive Working Disease...hahaha.. U guys ain't scared anymore ya!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"2 ringgit saje..mau balik Kajang.."

I've to go back to my hometown in Hidden Village of Seremban a.k.a Home Sweet Home because my supervisor/boss of the place where I'm working won't be around in IIUM Kuantan campus. She has to take emergency leave for many days and asked me to meet her on next December (Yayy..I can't wait it!). So, u can say that I'm kinda temporarily jobless..huhu..

Coming back to my story, after I've reached KL (Puduraya Terminal Bus Station)...I was heading to the bus station to Seremban that is located at CM's LRT Station.. There, I was called by a nerdy-bespectacled Chinese guy (I think he's 20s). The conversation is somewhat like this:

He: "Bang..minta tolong sedikit.."
Me: "Mau minta tolong apa?"
(deeply in my heart saying, "Alamak jangan2 dia nak pow aku ni..kena jalan cepat2 skit..")
He: "Saya mau balik rumah ma.."
Me: "Berapa mau?"
(deeply in my heart saying, "Eh..asal aku cakap macamni?? Kaya sangat ke aku ni?")
He: "2 ringgit saje..mau balik Kajang.."
Me: "Ok..2 ringgit ye?"
(deeply in my heart saying, "What??? 2 ringgit?? bukan kes pow duit ni..")
He: "Yelah, nanti saya ganti balik ma..ada phone number tak?"
Me: "Oh..takpe2..saya mau balik Seremban..jadi tak perlulah.."
He: "Terima kasih2, bye!"
Me: "Takpe2..bye!"
(deeply in my heart saying, "Kesian pulak tengok dia tu.. Kalau dia tipu pun..mungkin tengah desperate nak cari duit kot..takpe2.. It's fine by me..")

Before reaching the "safe zone" at CM's LRT Station, I was really hoping that..there was no other guys calling or chasing me again and also trying to give me a threat (although, I'm a cool person..but nothing is impossible right??). I was afraid if he was setting me up into his deadly trap..hehehe... But, thanks God and also him...there was nothing bad happened during my "Journey To The West". Frankly speaking, I was CARRYING my LAPTOP along at that time...hahaha.. SO OBVIOUS TO SEE THAT I WAS LIKE MR. TRUMP WALKING WITH HIS MILLION DOLLARS IN HIS BRIEFCASE!!! It's eye-catching guys...(^_^)v

My laptop case...

Thus, my advice to is better for u to bring your NOTEBOOK or LAPTOP by using this kind of cases:

My bags, for display only... ;)

Or like this...
It doesn't seem like u bring a laptop, rather, a high school bag..

But not these...hahaha...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maths & Science in English: Should It Be Proceeded or Terminated?

Teaching Of Science, Maths In English Should Be Continued, Says Dr.M

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (Bernama) -- The teaching of science and mathematics in English should be continued to ensure Malaysian students, especially the Malays, are not left behind, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He said the change to teach the two subjects in English from Bahasa Malaysia was to ensure students could master them and at the same time become more proficient in English, the number one language in the world. "It is not aimed at neglecting Bahasa Malaysia. Furthermore, most publications on science and mathematics are in English. "Take for example the cellular phone. If foreigners manufacture them equipped with cameras and the short-messaging facility but the manual is in English, can we use our science which is in Bahasa Malaysia to make the same hand phone? By the time we are done with the translation we will be left far behind," he said at the "Malay Dilemma" discourse organised by the National Writers Association (Gapena) here today. He also cited the dark ages of the Arabs where they had to learn everything from the Greeks. "Obviously they could not ask the Greeks to translate their knowledge into Arabic. The solution then was for them to learn Greek so that they could have access to the knowledge in their possession. By doing this, the Arabs became a progressive race," he said, adding that the same applied in the current scenario in the country. He also said being proficient in two languages was a great asset and cited himself as an example. "I studied in a Malay school for two years before my father transferred me to an English school. Thereafter all my education was in English. "Did I lose my ability to use Bahasa Malaysia? It will not signify the end of the Malay race if we are to learn in English as well," he said.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Gambar ini sekadar hiasan sahaja

Pengkid... This issue has been raised recently in the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan (National Fatwa Council) until made a declaration that such as action is HARAM to be practised. Well, I strongly agree about that matter which is considered as "budaya kuning" and is absolutely against with the human nature. The fatwa against pengkid as released by the National Fatwa Council on Oct 23, 2008:
“Pengkid, that is, women who have the appearance, mannerisms and sexual orientation similar to men is haram in Islam. We urge parents and the Muslim community to pay serious attention to this problem. Emphasis should be placed on teaching and guiding young girls especially on the aspects of their clothing, behaviour and appearance so that this problem may be avoided, because it runs counter to their fitrah and Allah’s way.”

(Fitrah: the innate natural sexual inclination that each human is born with, and which does not change. In Islam, if a person is born male, he is masculine and is sexually attracted to women; and if a person is born female, she is feminine and sexually attracted to men).
Pengkid- those girls that think they are boy, wearing outfit same like boys (some of them wearing "bengkung" just to cover their breast so looks like a real MAN) and they attracted to GIRLS ONLY.

Today, I was on my way back to Kuantan just to look the condition of my room at IIUM campus there and it's amazing to see that so many spiderwebs have conquered my room..hahaha. At Puduraya Terminal Bus Station, I saw one "pasangan kekasih" or lovers were hanging around while waiting for the bus.. Wow..quite romantic.. :P

There, I was so suspicious about "her boyfriend" due to my increasing curiosity about these lovers' behavioural science..hahaha.. I wasn't peeping okay.. You know what was going on at the moment I've figured out something so "supernatural"...
"Shoot!! He's she!! What the hell on earth are they doing!!"
They got on the same bus like me and sitting in front of me and again...

"Shoot!! He's she!! What the hell on earth are they doing!!"

I just talked to myself, "Hai..korang ni kan..tak pernah baca newspaper, berita ke baru2 ni?? Ke buat2 tak faham.. Malula..wei orang tengok.. Yang cik akak ni cover aurah pulak..tapi takkanla tak perasan he's she??".

At the same time, I noticed there were boys looking at "him" curiously. I guessed they were thinking, "Ni lelaki ke perempuan ni? Lain macam je rupa dia ni...". Instead, this "guy" was trying to act like what boys seemed that "he" was trying to show off that he's kinda 100% guy but it's not working...seriously speaking! We can distinguish easily between a pengkid and man. So, now I know what is pengkid actually since I have a lively description on pengkid during my travel to Kuantan..hehe.. Well, seeing is believing right? I can conclude that:
Tomboy- those girls that wearing boys outfit but they still have feeling to boys.. means it's only their "looks" not their feeling.. and they still attracted to boys.. means they are normal.

Pengkid-a girl who is trying too hard to act, talk, and dress like a guy. It's actually a community consisting of girl-loves-girl.

They become pengkid possibly due to...
  • For those who are fed-up from their over demanding boyfriend
  • For those who were cheated by their boyfriend
  • For those who have no feelings / lost feelings for the opposite sex